The events of September 2001, some say, changed the world.  We had images of terror, horror, carnage and of resolve to look on life somewhat differently.  There seems to be a realisation that the world was a "Fragile City".  As well as the human casualties in West and East, there have been economic consequences, job losses and economic fall-out.

What does shock do to us.  We pick up the scraps of shattered structures of our lives but does it mean that we all have to go back to selfish ways?  What a paradox it is that the western family's worries are more concerned with security welfare or social welfare whereas for the Eastern and African (for 95%) the concern is to do with very survival.

How is our civilisation to adapt if the cry of the poor is to be listened to? flow are we to respond to Matthew 25 ?
Did Christ realise that 21st century living would be so difficult? One part of our world is unfree because convention rather than moral need dictates how people live.  The majority in the world's vastness have not freedom "to be" because each day is a survival course.

If we come closer to home we must look at a country modernising at a swift pace and experiencing growing pains that changes bring, we see that wealth prevails when the poor can remain without redress.
If we do work, do we know why is it to "live" without any sense of God's Kingdom or if it is to make money does wealth make us change in our approach to others.

But yet, is it all gloomy? Should we feel guilty? After all there is record growth and all areas of social deprivation have at least been recognised.  Maybe some of our leaders are responding to the call, in government by an appropriate tax policy and by establishing a priority of distribution of its resources Conscience, (or is it the Holy Spirit?) exists in business and public administration.  There are share ownership schemes, unprecedented sums raised for charity, a protection for the weakest citizen in our courts and almost free health service Are we therefore imbued with a sense of Common Good. If we are, let us examine the motivation or the inspiration.  Has God anything to do with it all?


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