Theme: A Time To Rebuild .....This Church of Ours

The feeling is widespread that events of recent times have been a watershed for our Church in Ireland. There Is the perception that the People of God have reached a stage on their pilgrim journey where the way forward calls for a break with the past. Attitudes and structures that may have served well in other times are ceasing to be responsive to the greatly changed circumstances of the world in which we have to live our daily lives. They have outlived their usefulness - the time to revitalise is now here.

The work of re--energising our Church calls for a new start to be made: its structures are in need not of redecoration but of rebuilding to a new model.

There are already small beginnings by the few at many levels which witness to new life stirring within our Church. These can only be the forerunners of much greater action by the many who make up the People of God towards the goal where daily life becomes a living out of the Gospel, so that God's Kingdom can be a reality among us.

There is a need for a greater understanding of what the life of the Kingdom, in all its fullness, as promised by Jesus Christ, is about: and how the offer of it can be availed of by all. It is the aim of this Conference to meet that need, to enable a better understanding of what has to be done, and to point to ways that will help us to be faithful to our Christian calling.

Panel Discussion: - Development in the Irish Church in 10yrs since Pobal

The Conference will explore

  1. what is the mission of the Church
  2. the foundations for our Church to be a sign of God's loving presence in the world.

There is a need for a deeper understanding of the fullness of life that Christ promised us. This wili be treated by the speakers in relation to the scriptural account for its meaning in the circumstances of today and in the shaping of the Christian Community.

Through open forums and small group discussions, participants will be enabled to reflect on issues out of their own experience and to give shape to ideas that can later be put into practice.

In the run up to the Conference you are asked to think about:

  1. issues you would like to see addressed
  2. the ideas you would like to see adopted
  3. how these could be put into practice

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