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Séan Mac Réamoinn

Originally Published by the Columba Press now out of print and reproduced here online with their kind permission

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Although Sean Mac Reamoinn insists that this Diary of the 1987 Synod is an outsider's account of what went on, he writes with all the authority of an old Roman hand, and a perceptive commentator on religious and cultural affairs. His radio and TV reports on Vatican II gave Irish Catholics their first real understanding of what was going on in Rome and in the Church at that time.

The Synod on the Laity was, by general agreement, disappointing in its outcome. Readers will not, however, be disappointed by this lively, witty and well-informed chronicle. As well as giving a day-to-day account of the proceedings, it also raises awkward and challenging questions about the ability of the Church system of today to engage in real and meaningful dialogue.

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