1993 Theme

Theme: –                  The People of God – A Priestly People?

The theme for the Seventh Pobal Conference was chosen in the light of the very many references to this issue at last year’s conference. Conscious of both the growing numbers of laity undertaking many functions hitherto associated with the priestly ministry and the declining numbers entering the priesthood, the aim of the conference is to reflect on the implications of these developments for our notions of priesthood itself in its historical and contemporary context, with a view to drawing out some implications for the practice of ministry and liturgy in the Church.

Among the topics to be discussed are:

  •   Priesthood: The Historical background and Contemporary Dilemmas
  •   Contemporary Experiences of Priesthood
  •   Lay Ministry in Transition
  •   The Ministry of Reconcihation: Fresh perspectives

The speakers will include:

– Fr. Brian Hearne C.S.Sp. (Theologian & Lecturer)
– Margaret Quinn (Coordinator of Parish Development & Renewal)
– Linda Hogan (Theologian)
– P.J. Madden (Secretary I.N.O.)
– Fr. Michael Hurley C.C. (Ballinteer, Dublin)
– Helen McCarthy (Group & Community Development)
– Claire Bowman (Retreat Direction!Spiritual Guidance)
– Mary & Tomas 0 Reilly De Bran (Diocesan Development Programme)
– Fr. Sean 0 Riordan C.S.S.R. (Theologian)
– Eve Roach (Catechist)
– Fr. Raphael Gallagher C.S.S.R. (Theologian)
– Maurice 0 Connell (Pastoral Psychology)
– Deirdre Hennessy (Theologian, Facilitator Womens’ Groups)

Apart from the above speakers, panel discussions, small group workshops and periods of general debate will allow and encourage everybody to participate.