Please note:

The Pobal Dé Organising Group ceased actively organising conferences each year, from 2015.

We regret to announce that our founder member Rosemary Doorly R.I.P. passed away peacefully on the 8th of December 2021 , please remember her in your prayers. 

We are open to consider proposals to reactivate our conference activity.  If you are interested, please use our contact page  for any communication.   We will respond as soon as possible.

Pobal Dé are Lay People of God

Pobal Dé is a group of committed and practising Catholics who are concerned about the lack of resolve on the part of the leadership of the Church to empower lay people meet the challenges of the world in which we live.   Double Click here to view a Documentary Video published by RTE A La Verna Production MCMLXXXVII


To increase awareness and understanding of the vision of the Church – as The People of God – an inclusive Church of love, of justice, and truth.   To develop spirituality which engages with the contemporary world and supports people in their daily lives.

Open Forum

Pobal Dé has provided an open forum for candid dialogue among all the people of God at its annual conferences.

Annual Conferences

Topics at Annual Conferences have included relationships within the Church; the call of the lay Christian to build a just society; the interaction between faith, culture, and the arts, the Laity in the Church, Christian love and action.    Please go to our Conferences  page in the menu above to explore our activity from the years 1987-2014

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