Questions from Fr Bryan Shortall Speaker to the Audience

Q1. What would Jesus say if he was in Ireland today?

Audience Summary Answer Points

      • Youth and all are searching.
      • Come back to my message
      • Listen to my voice. Read my Gospels
      • As a community Christianity doesn’t seem to be important any more
      • Church in city centre neglected, increase in suicide
      • Service – non involvement – indifference
      • Duty to speak out. Protest not about mental illness – Shannon protest
      • Courage
      • Where are the women?
      • Be more aware
      • Jesus is here with us
      • Love your neighbour
      • Lack of Christian standards
      • Why don’t you challenge?
      • Come to me Be a vision of hope

Q2. Can you say something about St Francis and “Repair my Church”?

Audience Summary Answer Points

      • Build from the ground up. Build community, grieving in Love, Trust, Care, Cell
      • Where there is justice money will flow.
      • Abuse victims – money corrupted.
      • 30 pieces of silver
      • Cuts affecting the less well off
      • Attitude to immigrants
      • Justice more important than money but you need to get money to get justice.
      • Buying cheap goods from third world
      • Survival.
      • Covert giving.
      • Self interest
      • Why are churches being built when people are homeless?
      • Lost our way.
      • Squandering of public money.
      • Afraid to speak out
      • You hypocrites. Pharisees.
      • We need the physician.
      • Pray privately. We should always pray.
      • You have failed badly
      • Affluence.
      • Listen to me.
      • Become shepherds.
      • Dismantle systems, titles.
      • Vincent de Paul. Meals on wheels.
      • You hypocrites
      • First and Last
      • Rules and Regulations
      • Critical of Structures imposed by Rome
      • This the Church “ Youth”
      • Going to Mass not Necessarily a sign any more.
      • We don’t earn Heaven
      • The need to link Church as people of God
      • How do you inspire these people to be involved?